The Situation

A major financial services company introduced their version of an enterprise workplace change approach. In doing so, they led with a top down approach and strategy with the ambition of focusing on African American and Women led programming.

After a rocky start to their workplace change approach, the brand awarded Reframe with a workplace change assignment to help them better understand their organization’s cultural gaps and use the learnings from the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™ to inform their workplace change and experience & engagement strategy for their Retail businesses.

  • For the Retail marketing group, it was an opportunity to go back and analyze two years of their African American and Women led programming impact.
  • Through the Reframe Cultural Maturity assessment understand how the rest of the organization viewed their efforts for how to impact change and accelerate growth from African America and Women high growth segments.
  • Based on the findings, help them identify a scalable system for increasing the organization’s understanding of high growth segments (African American and Women) and develop tool kits to help close cultural gaps.

The Opportunity

The Approach

  • Conducted over 50 one on one stakeholder interviews across 22 functional areas.
  • Designed a cultural assessment discussion guide for key stakeholder interviews.
  • Conducted an external landscape analysis of the Company, Category, Channel, Customer, Consumer and Culture.
  • Analyzed findings from the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™ across six Retail business units and scored the enterprise, business unit and individual functional areas.
  • Based on the scoring and findings, shared recommendations for how to increase their cultural maturity score and close their gaps internally and across the six Retail businesses.
  • Designed a learning and curriculum program based on the findings from the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™ and landscape analysis.

The Results

  • Based on the findings from the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™, helped them understand which business unit required resources and support to help them culturally transform.
  • Integrated the findings and recommendations into their planning-cycle, with scalable curriculum and go-to-market playbooks across the six Retail groups.
  • For the CXX, gave them the ability to now get on-going measurement and reporting of of the six Retail Groups level of cultural maturity.