The Situation

A global consumer durables brand was looking to better understand inclusive growth after completing an internal diversity, equity & inclusion journey.  The executive committee was looking for a partner to help them identify high growth segments and position them for the next generation of growth. 

The global consumer durables brand partnered with Reframe to help accelerate their marketplace change journey. The brand’s organizational structure was highly centralized and required them to work across the holding company and brand that reported to the holding company.

Using internal and external data sources, Reframe worked with the brand’s research, data and analytics team to make quantitative business case but also get internal alignment around the business opportunity for high growth segments (Hispanics, Black and Asians). The approach translated the insights from different aspects of each businesses challenge into a single strategy.

  • Help the brand identify and get internal alignment on the total addressable market opportunity.
  • Seek to understand how to get their fair share of the new marketplace opportunity (Hispanics, Asians and Blacks) and understand shopper nuances for why their business was dominated by third party distributors and older white consumers.
  • Based on findings, help reset budget allocations, media and engagement opportunities across the brand while accelerating growth.

The Opportunity

The Approach

  • Conducted a data audit of multicultural segment sources and insights within the enterprise.
  • Developed a combined White, Non-Hispanic, Black, Hispanic and Asian data (budget, volume, share, etc.) for a total addressable market view. 
  • Integrated quantitative findings into the brand growth planning.
  • Built business case for use within their annual planning cycle for reallocation of resources out of the ‘general market’ budget and into high growth segments.

The Results

  • Built financial models with growth scenarios and the opportunity costs.
  • Conducted internal workshop to align on the opportunity and inputs for articulating the new marketplace ambition and growth opportunity.
  • Developed business case for inclusive customer experience design quantitative research to validate or invalidate growth hypothesis across racial and ethnic segments (i.e. White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino(a), Black/African American and Asian American).