Reframe Software API

For developers, an API that allows you to utilize Reframe features within your technology eco-system.

Software: API

Reframe's API allows you to utilize Reframe's features within your own eco-system of tools in your organization, building more inclusive experiences with your existing tools.

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What Is An API?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two or more applications to talk to each other.

In the case of the Reframe API, it allows the Reframe Platform and other applications that you are already using in your organization, to send data and communicate back and forth. With the Reframe API, you are then enabled to utilize Reframe Software features directly within your own custom or third-party applications that you are already using, preventing the need to introduce another application into your organization while still receiving all of the benefits the Reframe Software has to offer!

Reframe API Features

Industry Standard Technology

Reframe's API utilizes industry standard technology and is supported by established methodologies such as REST.


We are committed to providing security around your data and as such our API is protected by industry standard security mechanisms for authentication, in transit data, and data at rest.


Comprehensive documentation of our API is provided to your development team for guided implementation along with other resources.


Gain access to all features provided by the Reframe Platform, allowing for the creation of robust integrations that can utilize all the benefits and features of Reframe.

DevOps, CI/CD & Sandbox Enabled

Gain access to a sandbox while building integrations with the Reframe API, allowing for the development of your integrations to sit in your existing DevOps processes.


Whether you are a user of the Reframe App or the Reframe API, enjoy the same level of ongoing support.

Get Started With The Reframe API

Contact your Reframe Support team for access to the Reframe API and read the API Documentation.

Popular Use Cases

The Reframe API provides your organization with programmatic access to all 12 features on the Reframe Platform, allowing you to utilize the features needed by your organization and build an experience as you see fit. Below are some of the more common use cases of experiences that are built using the Reframe API:

Continuous Assessment & Reporting

Utilizing Reframe's Assessment & Analytics features via the Reframe API, continuously assess and gain insights into how change is being driven in your organization.

Ongoing Personalized & Tailored Content

Utilizing Reframe's CMS, LMS, and EMS via the Reframe API, continously provide relevant and personalized learning content to your organization's members, including content from our network of educational partners.

Reward Your Members

Utilizing Reframe's Reward Management System via the Reframe API, introduce a rewards program into your existing tool(s) allowing you to reward and recognize your members.