Reframe FAQs

Who is Reframe?

Reframe is the first tech-enabled change management platform that helps build inclusive experiences at scale.

What Problem Are We Solving For?
  • Accelerate Workplace and Marketplace Change;  Macro Events (Demographic Shift, Modernization of DEIB, Future of Work and Industry Correction Forced Corporations to Accelerate Change.  
  • COVID, Civil Unrest and Demographic shift exposed Corporation’s lack of readiness, the need for sustainable change and demand for growth while building more inclusive experiences at scale.
Why Do Organizations Hire Reframe?
  • Reframe pioneered a new workplace and marketplace change approach that helps Corporations by modernizing the practice of DEI and multicultural marketing.
  • Reframe service offerings for workplace change, Inclusive Employee Experience™ (IEX) Design helps shift employee attitudes and behaviors while scaling and sustaining an inclusive employee experience design
  • Reframe service offerings for marketplace change, Inclusive Customer Experience™ (ICX) Design helps shift customer attitudes and behaviors while scaling and sustaining an inclusive customer experience design.
  • Combined with Reframe Services, they’ve made patent pending software technology that helps scale and sustain both inclusive customer and employee experience design.
How Does The Reframe Patent Pending Software Technology Work?
  • Everyone naturally goes to software technology first, however we highly recommend that the engagement begin with Reframe services first, then use the software technology to scale and sustain inclusive experience design.
  • Through our patent-pending Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™ and change operating system, we help accelerate, scale and sustain change, growth, and personalization.
Who Has Worked With Reframe?

Founded in 2015 by Jeffrey L. Bowman (CEO), then co-founder Safraz Sears joined in 2017 as CTO – they made the first tech enabled change management platform based thousands of hours, testing, learning and validating the services and software across multiple industries including Technology, Consumer Packaged Good (Beverage), Financial Services, Consumer Durables, Hospitality (Food), Hospitality (Travel), Professional Services, Media, Arts & Culture.

Who Are The Reframe Target Customers?
  • Our buyers are usually Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) for our Workplace Change Services – Inclusive Employee Experience Design (IEX) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) for our Marketplace Change Services – Inclusive Customer Experience Design (ICX).
  • Influences the buyers are usually Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officers (CDEIs) and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs).
  • Why not CDEI or VP of Multicultural Marketing?  Usually they are accountable (budget and financials) for a specific area or function within the enterprise – our change approach goes across functions and the enterprise, whereas the CHRO or CMO has budget and financial responsibility.
Who Are Reframe Competitors?
  • Reframe competes in the Management Consulting (Change Management), Software Technology and Media (Reframe Owned Media – Learning Events and B2B Content) Sectors.
  • Competitors include but not limited to:  Experience Design – IDEO, VMR Y&R, McKinsey, Accenture Song – Experience Design, Ethos (Deloitte Digital); Software – Qualtrics, Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft