The Situation

An industry leading technology company was looking to culturally transform their decades old utility brand from the inside, out.

With a new CMO and marketing leadership team in place, the ask was to help the multicultural marketing organization transform into becoming a cultural and high growth segment organization.

Reframe was asked to assist with the transformation along with providing advisory services for helping the general market agency develop a communications platform for millennial and high growth segments (i.e. US Hispanics, African-Americans and Black customer segments).

  • Help to understand commonalities as well as differences to barriers/drivers to purchase for Millennial and Multicultural Millennial segments.
  • If relevant, develop a cross-cultural platform that incorporates both general market and
    multicultural insights.

The Opportunity

The Approach

  • Conducted Millennial and Multicultural Millennial consumer desk research and use primary research.
  • Gained an understanding of attitudes, behaviors and media habits of Millennial and Millennial Multicultural consumer segments via customer journey mapping for Millennial, Millennial – Hispanic, Millennial – Black and Millennial – Asian.
  • Developed insights for barriers, drivers and channels across each consumer segment.
  • Developed hypothesis for desired behavior change by each stage of the customer journey.
  • Created cross-cultural strategic lines of communication across segments while understanding deep insights by ethnicity.

The Results

  • Developed a cross-cultural platform for consideration within the national brand campaign platform. 
  • Developed Millennial and Multicultural Millennial consumer personas, customer journeys, an understanding of barriers and drivers to purchase.
  • Developed cross-cultural insights as well as Hispanic only, Black only and Asian only insights.