The Situation

A major beverage brand selected Reframe to help them modernize their workplace for the new marketplace.

The brand procured Reframe for a cultural assessment, thought leadership, employee experience and engagement strategy and ideas on how to accelerate growth in the new marketplace.

  • Help a major beverage brand modernize their workplace for the future of the marketplace.
  • Provide a strategy and plan for shifting workplace attitudes and behaviors.
  • Provide recommendations for how to close cultural maturity gaps and improve the employee lifecycle.

The Opportunity

The Approach

  • Conducted 33 internal stakeholder interviews for an internal cultural assessment.
  • Conducted 20 external interviews to understand what level of maturity compared to other organizations, establish best practices and bench mark for internal use.
  • Established an impact ambition and internal alignment for size of the opportunity and resources required.
  • Based on the findings internally and externally, develop a report – out and cultural maturity scoring.
  • Developed employee segments to understand who they are, employee journeys to understand drop-off and
    treatment to improve employee lifecycle from recruiting to talent acquisition, employee experience and engagement, retention and advocacy.

The Results

  • Developed an employee engagement and employee relationship management (ERM) system for the full employee lifecycle.
  • An approach and delivery model for modernizing their workplace for the new marketplace.
  • Developed a Reframe Movement Brief™ and Reframe Movement Idea™ for activating the employee experience and engagement plan.
  • An approach for a learning management system (LMS) and cultural engagement platform.