The Situation

For HR and Marketing Professionals around the world, COVID-19 and the outcry for civil rights that followed George Floyd’s death in 2020 proved to validate what many already knew, that Corporate America needs to modernize the practice of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and culturally transform from the inside, out.

  • Help a major food service brand culturally transform their workplace while building a more inclusive employee experience.
  • Provide strategy and plan for shifting employee attitudes and behaviors.
  • Provide scalable and sustainable recommendations for how to close cultural maturity gaps and improve the employee sentiment and engagement while elevating women and BIPOC at the hourly and management level.

The Opportunity

The Approach

  • Conducted 50 1in1 cultural assessment stakeholder interviews.
  • With the ExCo, established the change ambition and gained alignment for the opportunity, timing and resources
  • Based on the findings, developed a report – out and cultural maturity scoring system for the ExCo with on-going measurement and reporting milestones.
  • Developed employee personas and segments to understand who they are, employee journeys to understand engagement drop-off and treatment to improve the employee experience from recruiting to talent acquisition, engagement, retention and advocacy.
  • Developed a more inclusive employee experience and engagement strategy and plan.
  • Implementing a software application before the re-opening to scale and sustain a more culturally inclusive employee experience.

The Results

  • Established a 3Y cultural transformation roadmap that helps the organization change from the inside, out at all levels of the organization.
  • Developed a more inclusive and sustainable employee relationship management (ERM) system with women and BIPOC milestones.
  • Within their HR Technology ecosystem, implementing and integrating a software application that helps their People Leaders build more inclusive employee experiences at scale.