This week we are sharing our“ Why DEI Will Not Be Enough To Save Corporations” E-Report.  It is a report that further validates our future of work thesis:  The Workplace is two to three generations culturally removed from the new Marketplace©. .  We’ve partnered and penned a powerful opinion piece to announce the report with Fast Company.

Within the August 29, 2022 Fast Company article, Answer These 3 Questions to improve your approach to DEI, we begin to make the business case as to why corporations should move away from the ambition of integrating their workforce using dated DEI practices to using change management practices to drive intentional change throughout the organization that reflects the New America. The three questions within the article are based on the work we’ve been doing since 2015 with Fortune 500 organizations and nonprofits.

Throughout our journey of helping corporations culturally transform, we’ve been met with resistance from both sides of the table.  From DEI practitioners, there is resistance based on the belief that our innovative approach for building inclusive experiences at scale does not address racial and ethnic gaps.  This is not true.  From Corporations, there is resistance because using a change management approach to solving this decades-old problem takes too long and requires structural change and financial resources. This is true.


What often gets left out using the old DEI playbook are the employees and customers that are the beneficiaries of the work that needs to be done. In partnership with Suzy Research and the World Advertising Research Federation (WARC), we conducted an industry study using a mini version of the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™,a patent-pending tool that seeks to understand the level of cultural maturity of an organization.

For the purpose of this report, Reframe used a sample of questions from the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™ and looked to understand how the practice of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) was being used globally by F1000 (F1K) corporations, and its effectiveness therein.

With Suzy Research and WARC, 15 questions were asked to form a representative sample size. Our sample cut across job functions and included 1001 racially and ethnically diverse participants ages 18 – 73, with an even split of 50% women and 50% men. 

The findings validated what many already know: the practice of DEI is not enough to save corporations and we are at risk of losing another generation of talent. To learn more and read the report, go to WHY DEI WILL NOT BE ENOUGH TO SAVE CORPORATIONS.


Beginning today, we at Reframe are launching a new initiative and challenging the industry to Just Say No To DEI and Yes to CHANGE.  Disclaimer:  Neither Reframe nor any of our affiliates are  advocating or endorsing the destruction or dismantling of the practice of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Here’s what we are saying.  

Decades of practicing, programming, training and development is not enough. We are advocating for the practice of change management to be the focus for impact and solving this decades-old problem. Reframe is the first tech-enabled change management platform that helps build inclusive experiences at scale. 

Throughout our work, we’ve found few are advocating for People Leaders. The C-suite continues to advocate for the practice of DEI, making pledges and pronouncements but nothing changes! HR professionals who are asked to change the enterprise are left with dated DEI “best practices” and minimal resources while being asked to solve a problem for the enterprise.


For People Leaders around the world, we want to hear from you. The evidence is in our white paper for Why DEI Will Not Be Enough to Save Corporations.  Now we need your help.  

We’ve set up a Change.Org petition at Over the next six weeks, we need your help in getting 500 signatures for our petition. 

If you’d like to learn more and get involved, contact us!  

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For those that have been on the Reframe journey, we thank you.  For those new to the Reframe journey, welcome!