This month we celebrate year one of the Reframe ‘Mini’ Cultural Maturity Assessment™ Tool.  It is a tool for brands to use and “get a pulse” for their level of change readiness.  Given the macro events (change in demographics, desire to modernize the practice of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Future of Work and Industry Corrections), many brands are left with dated practices for how to figure out how much change is required organizationally, and how to scale and sustain the change required.

In 2015, we introduced the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™ and began validating the approach through one-on-one (1-on-1) interviews.  It was an industry first that helps People Leaders understand what and where barriers to change exist within their organization.  

We invented an instrument that assesses the attitude and behaviors of employees, then models their response to better understand the intent for closing the gaps that exist within the organization’s Strategy, Structure, Segments, Systems and Solutions, or what we call the 5Ss.

What we learned from this developing, testing and learning with our brand partners from 2015 – 2021:

  1. Although the 1-on-1 approach with stakeholder interviews was a thorough and scientific approach that provided answers for the what and why organizationally things needed to change, it required deep education before internal buy-in.
  2. Brand partners would have liked to know “what” their score was before making the significant investment for the assessment.
  3. Lastly, on average, it took 90 days or more to conduct 1-on-1 interviews for the assessment, and for some organizations, the cost to facilitate was a barrier.

In 2022, after validating the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™ approach with our brand partners, we began designing and developing software that replicated our “manual” 1-on-1 interviews. It uses an algorithm that replicates  human decision making to score a brand’s level of cultural maturity behaviorally and attitudinal based on data inputs.

In 2023, we released a “free version” of the Reframe ‘Mini’ Cultural Maturity Assessment™ Tool to gather more data inputs, allow brand partners to experience the ‘mini’ assessment, and validate the algorithm we designed to replicate what we’ve been doing since 2015.

After a year, below are results and key learnings from participants thus far:  

  • The highest average level of cultural maturity was Structure at 3.22, or the Practicing Stage of Cultural Maturity. This means that  participants believe their organizations have established the right structure in response to modernizing their workplace and marketplace and are in the phase of practicing the required change.
  • The lowest average level of cultural maturity was Solutions at 1.82, which falls between the Forming and Growing Stage. This means that participants believe their organizations are forming the right partnerships and are starting to grow the relationship.
  • The remaining areas scored  an average level of cultural maturity of 2.85 for Strategy, 2.84 for Systems and 2.82 for Segments. Participants believe their organization is between growing and practicing the change required.

What are the implications from the initial results from the Reframe ‘Mini’ Cultural Maturity Assessment™ Tool?

  • Based on the recent announcements from brands and businesses about their commitment to modernizing their workplace and marketplace, and participant responses, it appears organizations are making the effort to put the right structure in place and facilitate the change required.
  • However, based on participant responses, brands and businesses are falling short in forming the right solution partners to solve for the change required.
  • Lastly, while brands and businesses are forming a strategy, with systems and segments, there is more work to be done in moving into the practicing phase of accelerating inclusive change and growth.

What’s Next For The Reframe ‘Mini” Cultural Maturity Assessment™ Tool?

Although it’s been a long road of instrument development, testing, validating the model and software tool, we are literally just coming out of proof of concept with the release of the free version of the Reframe Mini Cultural Maturity Assessment™ Tool.   

Next month we are shipping the full Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™ to an enterprise customer with more than 10,000 employees.

To get started and see how it works, take the Reframe Mini Cultural Maturity Assessment™ Tool and discover the score of your organization’s level of cultural maturity.

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