General Updates

  • We have released a developing “beta” version of user localization to the app, allowing users to specify their Language and Timezone, and having content be automatically adjusted based on their localization setting. With the Timezone Localization feature, users are able to specify a timezone and have all dates and times throughout the app be reflective of their timezone.
    With the Language Localization feature, users are able to specify a language and have content throughout the app automatically translated to their language. Currently, automated translations are only supported on Posts and Comments within the app, but will soon be extended to Articles, Course, Events, and a few of our other features such as the Calendar and Assessments/Surveys.
    This feature release is part of our ongoing effort to ensure an experience that is as personalized as possible for every user.
    Users looking to adjust their Timezone and Language can do so by editing their profile in the app, and selecting from the dropdowns presented.

Layout (User Interface & User Experience) Updates

No Updates

Feature Updates


  • Resolved an issue with the alignment of text in posts on the feed.

Teams & Groups

No Updates

Calendar & Scheduling

  • Resolved an issue that was causing multiple notifications to go out to a user for a calendar invite.

File Storage & Sharing

No Updates

Chat & Messaging

  • Resolved an issue to caused the occasional failure of sharing an image or video in a chat.

Video Conferencing

  • Made incremental improvements to the Video Conferencing experience, particularly around the streaming rate of screen sharing, to provide for a high resolution screen sharing experience.


  • Resolved an issue preventing updates to an Event to reflect to the end user.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing scheduled content to not be published at the schedule date and time.


No Updates


No Updates


No Updates


  • Added the ability for users to now specify their Timezone and Language, allowing for a personalized experience within the app.


No Updates


  • Resolved an issue that was occasionally causing some notifications to not be sent to users.

What’s Upcoming?

  • Over the next few weeks, Reframe will actively be working on the release of our Rewards feature.
  • Reframe is actively working to improve the load times of the feed through optimization of content, ensuring snappy load times for any user on the app.
  • Reframe is actively working on addressing outstanding support desk tickets that were opened, and will respond to each ticket individually as resolutions are established.