Accelerating modern and sustainable change from the inside, out.

After months of planning, designing product wireframes, writing code and user testing with companies, we released our ‘beta’ employee experience platform yesterday.  The product helps teams and businesses increase employee retention, productivity and engagement while accelerating growth by personalizing the workplace.

Given the number of HR software platforms buried and now in sunset, why another HR technology stack?

First.  For starters, when we started offering both marketplace and workplace change services in 2015, we noticed most companies looking to increase employee retention did not have a good understanding of the employee and their workplace experience throughout their employee journey from on-boarding to reward to exit.  Not enough addressable data to personalize their experience.

Second.  Globally this is an $8T opportunity.  Most companies spend annually 10% – 30% of their operating budget focused on attracting, engaging, rewarding and retaining talent.  What we found when delivering workplace change services, HR functional groups (i.e. talent acquisition, learning & development, diversity & inclusion, internal communications) were not always integrated and because of that, HR technology software solutions reflect the functional buyer.  Meaning talent acquisition software was not integrated with on-boarding and employee engagement, learning and development was not integrated with internal communications.  You get the picture?  Through the eyes of the employee, you easily see the lack of integration throughout the workplace journey.

Last.   According to a recent LinkedIn study, one of the top CEO issues within the workplace is attracting and retaining diverse human capital.  What this means for most companies is making a change in their workplace where it reflects women and people of color in not only hiring diverse talent but most importantly keeping them after they are hired.  Given the seismic shift in demographics happening right before our eyes, for most companies, this requires the workplace to change from the inside.  If not, talent acquisition costs will continue to rise with little return on the investment because companies will not change culturally from the inside.

The Reframe HR Technology Stack

After successfully offering both marketplace and workplace change services, we took the learnings from actual client work to make software and workplace tools (see below) that increase employee retention, productivity and engagement while accelerating growth by personalizing the workplace.  In turn the product helps companies make more money.

You got the why?   What’s different about our product and features?

  • For users (employees), they can use the workplace tools to increase engagement, learnings and personalize their experience throughout their employee journey.
  • For buyers (businesses or HR practitioners), we designed an employee experience platform to not only increase return on human capital but also accelerate sustainable and scalable growth that reflects the Future of Work and Marketplace.
  • We designed the product to not only increase return on human capital but made tools and curated learning content that accelerate not only building a diverse workplace, but also an inclusive culture.

Like I mentioned earlier, we invested a lot in research and development (R&D) for making the product to solve a really big problem.  Who wants to spend another generation talking about this?