Because of COVID-19, people leaders across large and small companies are forced to act swiftly and mobilize their entire workforce. For CEOs and people leaders, the number one priority in the workplace is public health and number two is human capital and performance management.

Many analysts predict this new normal of a decentralized and mobile workforce will force companies to mandate a “work from home” (WFH) policy for the next 10 – 12 weeks or possibly longer.  For teams and businesses who have questions about building a mobile and inclusive employee experience, Reframe will host webinars over the next several weeks to help people leaders design, build, scale and sustain a more inclusive workplace.

Here are our top three actions we recommend to people leaders who want to take immediate action on building a more inclusive and personalized employee experience.

Action #1:  Establish a cadence for getting and acting on employee feedback.

People leaders across the world were forced to provide an employee experience where everyone will work from home (WFH).  Many organizations will only roll out new or extend features of their current technology platforms. For many organizations, in-person annual or bi-annual employee performance reviews are the norm.  With a decentralized workforce it is critically important to understand and act on employee feedback and sentiment more frequently than a centralized workforce.

Recommended Action:  

Establish both formal and informal weekly check-ins via employee pulse surveys to understand what organizational barriers exist, how to remove the barriers, and improve employee performance and sentiment.

Action #2:  Provide continuous and personalized learning/up – skilling content.

Since most of the workforce transitioning to WFH over the next several weeks, teams and groups will collaborate to work on projects that may or may not make more money for the company.  Employees working from home will consume hundreds of hours of content via their phone or television when not caring for family members.

With different generations in the workplace, employees desire multiple forms of workplace learning content for learning and up – skilling.  Employers providing compliance content is no longer satisfactory.  Employees want and desire learning content that not only helps them do their job better, but also improves themselves.

Recommended Action:

Due to working hours and hours working from home, invest in building a content library that goes beyond compliance.  Partner with internal stakeholders (i.e. Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Employee Engagement, Internal Communications) while leveraging external B2B content creators to generate learning and up – skilling content for distribution across your workplace technology platform.

Action #3:  Reward employees for a change in performance, attitudes and behaviors. 

Implementing a mobilized workforce is very daunting and courageous to everyone involved.  What we’ve seen across many companies when transitioning to a mobile workplace is the inability to humanize and personalize the employee experience.  Much of the company focus is on what we call “the pipes” or the technology platform and not designing an inclusive end to end employee experience.

Recommended Action:

Before deploying a technology solution, the ideal situation is to first design an inclusive and agile employee experience from on-boarding to exit.  Establish milestones that are measurable, report progress openly and often via employee feedback and reward programs that can be shared peer to peer or recognized within the community (company level). 

Reframe is Salesforce for People Leaders.

We are a people operations platform that helps build better and inclusive employee relationships.  Our software and services accelerate change and growth by personalizing the workplace.

Over the next several weeks we will host on-line learning events and experiences to help people leaders design and build a more inclusive and personalized employee experience.  Our intent is to help people leaders minimize drop-offs in return on human capital using our software and services.

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