April 2015 I left Ogilvy to start Reframe.  I intentionally started as a professional services company first because the ambition was to validate  our employee assessment and change approach.  The ‘plan’ was to validate the assessment and change approach by doing actual customer work, along with seeing if there was a market need while getting customers to pay for the work.  The employee assessment was behavioral based by design and the methodology was grounded in a cultural maturity model I’d developed while writing my first book.  The marketplace change approach had already been validated and now I needed to know if the workplace change approach would work.

Verizon was my first ‘Ogilvy exit’ customer.  Then came Prudential and Wyndham and United and MillerCoors and PBS and a Chinese company called Rebecca Brand.  Within 2 years we had customers across multiple industries from F15 to F479 based in the US and China.  They came, we validated and got paid to do the work.  The ask from Reframe:  accelerate change and growth from the outside, in and outside, in.

After several hundred employee interviews,  multiple customer assessments and engagements, employees (stakeholders) we found employee productivity was often tied to  their level of workplace engagement and some employees expressed confidentially they were leaving the company during the customer engagement. We later found data that showed annually companies lose 10% – 30% of their operating budget due to employee turnover because of low engagement and productivity.

Today we started accepting demo request for access to innovative workplace technology that helps companies reduce employee turnover  by personalizing the employee experience.  From 2015 – 2017 we helped companies solve a really big problem and found they lacked a modern approach and tools that reflect the “future of work.”  In 2018 we started making a scalable software platform to do exactly what we were doing off-line for really big companies.  Instead of building something hoping they (customers) will come, we did the inverse.  They came and then we built it.

For a monthly subscription, buyers get access to products that help them design and optimize the employee experience while building an inclusive workplace throughout the employee lifecycle.

For users on the platform, they get the ability to communicate with peers, teams and groups, get personalized learning for up-skilling and curated content that reflects a modern workplace and marketplace.