Reframe believes the world would be a better place if it was easier for People Leaders to build the most inclusive employee and customer experiences no matter where they work and live.

Right now, People Leaders are carrying a heavy load while managing a work from anywhere workforce and cultural tension. With no walls between work and home, life can be difficult for them. They need our help.

Having worked as a People Leader for large corporations like PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, MillerCoors, Whirlpool, Dell, Sears Holdings and Ogilvy, there was a pain point I recognized and struggled with: companies knew more about their customers than their employees. This can cause unhappy employees, lack of safe spaces, low employee sentiment and return on human capital. 

I always said if I ever got the opportunity to change that, I would. That is why my co-founder and I started Reframe.

From 2015–2018, the problem we kept seeing was that People Leaders did not have modern workplace tools to help lead the people they were being asked to lead. We had a front row seat and witnessed the ineffectiveness of workplace tools and how they lacked employee data and intelligence to solve the human and workplace culture problem. 

So, we made them.

In 2019, after validating our award-winning Wiley published Future of Work thesis, named “one of the most valuable contributions during the past 18 years” and workplace change approach with Verizon, Prudential, MillerCoors and other global brands across technology, media, travel & leisure, consumer packaged goods and financial services, we pivoted our successful professional services business to an enterprise software as a service (SaaS) company.

COVID-19 forced companies to digitize and automate the workplace at a once-in-a-generation accelerated pace. COVID-19 exposed business’ lack of digital readiness, ability to adapt to change and slowed growth due to 91 percent of the workforce being forced to work remotely (CNN, 2020). 

We now know the work from anywhere movement can lead to employee disengagement. According to a report by The Engagement Institute in 2017, employee disengagement costs U.S. companies up to $550 billion annually. By 2030, this will be a $8T problem globally (Korn Ferry, 2018).

Introducing Reframe.

Reframe is a platform that helps People Leaders build the most inclusive employee and customer experiences.

We give People Leaders the tools and make it easier for them to better collaborate, accelerate change and personalize the workplace for growth, no matter where their employees work and live. 

Through technology, we’ve taken away the pain of having multiple applications and logins. No longer will you have to switch from Zoom for video conferencing to Microsoft or Google to schedule and calendar meetings to Slack for messaging to Microsoft for work tasks. 

Our Team.

My co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Safraz Sears and I bootstrapped our first successful startup while being paid by large global brands to solve the exact same problem through our professional services.

After working with our customers to design our minimal viable product built on top of Salesforce in 2018, we pivoted to make software, automate and scale, got pre-orders for the product we were building and began making our own product at the start of 2019. 

After more than 100,000 lines of code and a lot of customer and user feedback, we are proud to introduce Reframe today!

The Road Ahead.

At the moment, we are all living and experiencing an insurmountable amount of cultural tension. If you are a People Leader looking to build a better experience for your employees no matter where they work or live, visit Get Reframe.