The Race to Addressable Employee Data

Last month we started accepting pre-orders  for the Reframe Employee Experience Platform.  We got out first pre-order of 500 seats within a matter days.  The reason for the order?  The buyer has a decentralized workforce and liked our workplace tools.  The tools help to better manage and personalize employee communications, training  and engagement.

Within the Age of Acceleration and future of work, the workforce as we know it today will be highly decentralized and in some cases, employees will have more than one job (i.e. Uber and Lyft).  Some call this “trend”  the result of the “gig” economy.  What does not go away is the need for employers to increase employee retention while building an inclusive workplace.

While we were providing advisory and consulting services and helping big brands with their employee experience and engagement strategy, we noticed within the “people” function roles like talent acquisition, on-boarding, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, performance, internal and corporate communications did not always facilitate the best employee experience even though they had the same internal customer — the employee!  As a result employee high turnover continues to exist and employers not only struggle to recruit women and minorities but struggle more with retaining them after they are in the workplace.

Over the last 12 months we’ve been making software to solve for this problem.   We’ve made workplace tools that make the employee experience integrated, culturally inclusive and personalized.  The ambition: increase employee retention, productivity while reducing operating cost and building a more modern workplace that reflects the Future of Work.

What is an employee experience platform?

First, let’s start with why there is a need for an employee experience platform.  I spent most of my career solving big problems for brands through marketing and communications with the intent of shifting attitudes and behaviors.  Pre-2000 in the world of marketing and communications there were few consumer technology platforms.  No Twitter, Facebook and Google was very limited at the time.  Flash forward to 2019, because of the platforms we have addressable consumer data and can better respond to consumer needs and wants through products and services in a personalized way (i.e. Amazon).

Within the workplace, this is not the case.  Employees navigate through the workplace across functional groups (i.e. Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Communications, Learning and Development) who are charged with building a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace while meeting Wall Street quarterly expectations.  For HR professionals and business owners, rarely is there one view as to how the employee is performing, engaging and impacting the organization culturally from the inside, out.  Usually it is not until the exit interview before the employer knows how they could of retained the employee, kept the employee engaged and productive.

The Reframe employee experience platform provides HR professionals and business owners with integrated workplace tools that help personalize the employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle. 

From the time the employee goes through on-boarding, we give the employer the ability to assess the employee’s on-boarding experience,  manage communications between teams and groups , provide relevant and personalize content through our content management system (CMS),  personalize learning and development content through our learning management system (LMS) and host workplace events on the platform through our event management system (EMS).  Because the employee experience is hosted on one platform, there is addressable data and modeling for on-going measurement and reporting of the employee experience.

What’s Next?

January – March 2019, continue conducting product demonstrations and taking pre-orders from business owners and HR professionals.

April 2019 at the Reframe Change Summit, we will release our pilot version of the Reframe Employee Experience platform.

June 2019 is the official ‘beta’ release of the Reframe Employee Experience platform.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us at .