Right now, People Leaders are carrying a heavy load while managing a work from anywhere workforce and cultural tensions. With no walls between work and home, life can be difficult for them. They need our help.

Reframe believes the world would be a better place if it were easier for People Leaders to build the best experiences for their employees no matter where they work and live.

Our Why.

Last week we introduced The People Leaders Platform | Reframe. Today, we share our manifesto. We captured the essence of what we’ve been hearing from People Leaders over the last decade. We are solving for a decades old problem with an innovative approach and software for People Leaders.

The Reframe People Leaders Platform Manifesto

Over the next several weeks we will bring our manifesto to life by raising awareness of People Leaders and their daily struggle to lead teams that now work from anywhere while in the midst of deep cultural tensions. In return for raising awareness of this issue, we will share workplace tools and resources to help People Leaders build the best experiences no matter where they work and live.

Look for more work on this in the coming weeks!

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