Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 1PM EST/ 10AM PST is the first Reframe LIVE! Change Summit.  It is a free virtual event on the Reframe People Operations Platform. 

Many states are “Reopening” businesses as we head into Memorial Day weekend. Governor Cuomo made this statement at one of his daily COVID – 19 press conferences “The phrase Reopening implies America opens and is business as usual with no lessons learned.  Because of COVID – 19, let’s Reimagine and take the lessons learned into our actions moving forward.”  

At Reframe, this is our sentiment today and tomorrow.  We are Reimagining The Workplace and Marketplace in The Age of Accelerations.  

Our first guest on Reframe LIVE! is Thomas (Tom) Bartley, Retail Practice Head at Google in the Central US, based in Chicago.  He will share insights and foresight about how to Reimagine Retail in the Age of Accelerations.  

Tom’s management career includes executive positions at Warner-Lambert, Schering-Plough Healthcare, Kellogg, Whirlpool, ConAgra and Sears Holdings.  His innovative approach to reinvigorating underdeveloped brands led to 8 Mobius Awards (Whirlpool) and an Effie Award (ConAgra).  Tom graduated from University of Pennsylvania (BA) and later the J.L. Kellogg graduate school of management (MBA – marketing and finance).

Here’s what to expect at the Reframe LIVE! Change Summit:

  1. Reframe and Google introductions.
  2. Reframe People Operations Guide Survey Design.
  3. Reimagining The Workplace and Marketplace In the Age of Accelerations Introduction.
  4. Retail landscape pre, now and post COVID – 19.
  5. Key considerations and discussion about how to Reimagine Retail.

Please register and attend the free virtual event on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 beginning at 1PM EST and 10AM PST and ending at 2PM EST and 11AM PST.  

It is not too late, please take our Reframe People Operation Guide Survey and share your thoughts about how you are navigating COVID – 19.  

If you have not read, please download and read or watch our Reframe People Operations Guide for People Leaders.

Please share us your thoughts and feedback about Reframe LIVE! here.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!