Reframe is Salesforce for people leaders.

A people operations (ops) platform that helps accelerate change and growth by personalizing the workplace.

For the last decade we’ve been researching, co-developing, testing and learning our way into how to accelerate change and growth that reflects the Future of Work for Fortune 1K companies.

Companies hired Reframe services, we designed both workplace and marketplace change strategy using our proprietary approach.  Many companies could not scale, nor sustain the change they paid us to design because they lacked the technology and systems capabilities.

February 2019, we began making software to solve for this problem and began taking pilot pre – orders. Literally hours into January 1, 2020 we completed our pilot platform build.

We are super excited for you to watch our pilot demonstration below and learn how the product works for people leaders who want to personalize their workplace.

Click here to watch the Reframe People Operations Pilot Demonstration (Demo)

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Jeffrey and Safraz.