A Cultural Engagement Platform For The Future of Work

September 2016, a year after Wiley published Reframe the Marketplace:  The Total Market Approach For The New Majority, we submitted a white paper on what would become our new Future of Work thesis for moving our successful professional services business to a software as a services (SaaS) company.

April 2015, we started Reframe as a professional service business.   We  thought we were starting a business to solve for a marketplace problem. However, we quickly found out we were actually solving for a workplace problem that required solving from the inside, out and not outside, in.  Why? To solve for the problem and make the solution sustainable, it had to be solved from the inside, out.

After our first workplace project for a F100 technology company, we quickly discovered the same macro dynamic we were solving for in the marketplace was prevalent  in the workplace:  demographics and technology were the driving forces for structural change and demanded an innovative workplace change approach but at a more accelerated pace.

The summer of 2016, we made the shift and began offering both workplace and marketplace services.  We developed an employees assessment tool,  a workplace change approach and the ability to measure quantitative impact.  I then wrote what would become our Reframe Future of Work Thesis and submitted it to Wiley’s association publisher of Leader to Leader, Peter Economy.

Days ago (12/2018) we received word that it was being recognized by Wiley, Leader to Leader – A Business Leadership Publication as one of the most valuable contributions during the past 18 years.

The thesis is based on our proprietary behavioral based assessment tool we developed, tested and validated with actual customers and several hundred interviews.  The employee assessment is based on the Reframe Cultural Maturity Model(tm).  A cultural maturity model is kind of a big thing in the change management industry.

After we submitted the Reframe Business Thesis, we quickly published The State of the Total Market Industry Vertical in Spring of 2017  and the findings from the study validated our approach and we quickly moved to position Reframe to scale through technology.

In 2018, based on the customer work, testing and findings, we began making a software platform to do the same thing we were doing with off-line.  I’m happy to share we are taking product demonstration (demo) and pilot customer requests for the Reframe Cultural Engagement Platform.

The Reframe Cultural Engagement Platform makes it easier for middle market (MM) and large enterprise (LE) organizations to retain employees and reduce operating costs by personalizing the employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

For a monthly subscription, business owners and HR professionals get access to Reframe’s proprietary employee assessments, measurement and reporting, community management (CM), content management system (CMS), learning management system (LMS) and employee relationship (ERM) tools for continuous employee performance improvement while building an inclusive workplace culture.

Happy New Year!