In our last five posts we learned that many of us share a gap in our cultural know-how, especially when it comes to the new marketplace. This gap prevents us from addressing our total market accurately, leaving us ill prepared to effectively engage much of the new marketplace. In simpler terms, we are missing out on the opportunity to engage our entire potential consumer base.

In order to close the gap, we need to share a common language to assess and understand what actions are required to put into action.The following terms and definitions will help clarify how to address each state of cultural maturity.

Monocultural (adj) – Celebration of attitudes and behaviors relating to, or comprised of one dominant group.

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Multicultural (adjective) – Celebration of attitudes and behaviors relating to, or comprised of several groups.

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Cross-cultural (adjective) – Celebration of attitudes and behaviors relating to, or constituting across several cultural or ethnic groups.

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Poly-cultural (adjective) – A term for an assertion that all of the world’s cultures are interrelated.

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Trans-cultural (adjective) – Seeing oneself “in the other.”

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This article is a round up of five-part series on closing the generational cultural gap between the workplace and the marketplace. Originally published in the State of the Total Market Industry Report,  today’s workplace is two generations culturally removed from the marketplace. This article series provides a contextual lens on workplace and marketplace cultural definitions – understanding these nuanced differences can help identify and  #closethegap between the workplace and marketplace.

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