Last Spring I was attending a conference focused on diverse human capital management.  The speakers were amazing, the room was filled with senior leaders across tech, brand, advertising and media.  Everyone was aligned on the change required and  left the room locked and loaded to make change happen.  No new playbook for change was discussed.  The event was filled with the common themes:  talent acquisition,  mentorship, diversity as a priority and building an inclusive workplace.  The conversations were amazing but we all knew leaving that room, little would change because it was not foresight driven, lack of innovative thinking and it did not address the need for change as a practice.

At that conference during lunch, I looked over at Monique Nelson, CEO of UniWorld Group, Incorporated and we both knew there was a modern approach to the workplace and marketplace conversation.  We met two weeks later, shook hands and agreed to bring an event to market that was foresight driven with a playbook for both marketplace and workplace change.  A month later I reached out and met with Detavio Samuels, President of Interactive One, and we all agreed to bring a new experience for change to market.

We’ve been working on the Reframe Change Summit(RCS) since October 2018, building and meeting to bring a different approach to a really big problem.  Today we are sharing our first wave of facilitators of change.  At the RCS, it will be two days filled with executive education about the Future of Work and Marketplace.  It is an event for teams and businesses who are marketplace and workplace practitioners.

I sometimes call the event “The Davos of Culture”.  Why?  Annually Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) meet in Switzerland to discuss the impact of global change and set the agenda for their companies or foundations.  Our ambition for this event is to be an annual meeting to discuss change required and the cultural impact required within the workplace and marketplace for women and people of color.  Think of it as “future proofing” your business.

In closing, what you will walk away with is a more modern way to build an inclusive workplace and marketplace. This is important because the future of your workplace and marketplace depends on it! What we know the current workplace and marketplace change approach and “playbook” is not as effective as before.  We’ve curated some of the best change agents to share their best practices and learnings for change that reflects the Future of Work and Marketplace.

See you on April 3rd and 4th. #GetReframeCS