Think “DAVOS” But For Culture

Two years ago at an industry conference, Reframe conducted research for our 2017 State of Total Market Industry Report.  1-on-1 interviews were collected from industry titans across brand management, political, advertising – strategy, advertising- creative, advertising – research, media, technology,  entertainment and social impact.  The findings and insight across the multiple interviews and brands:   The workplace was two to three generations removed from the new marketplace.

After several interviews, post-production and analysis, we noticed a pattern. The frustration from the industry titians expressed was around the changing workplace and marketplace where women and people of color are becoming the new America, organizations are trying to close the cultural gap and problem from the outside, in versus inside, out.”

Our “why” and implications from research and work we’ve done over the last three years:  the future of work and marketplace for organizations is dependent on how fast they change from the inside, out versus the outside, in.

The Call – To – Action:  Accelerate change now from the inside, out.  Click to watch a short film (90 seconds) that captures the essence of where we are going.

Reframe, Company, Urban One, and UWG are partnering to host and lead a conversation about the future of work and marketplace at the inaugural Reframe Change Summit in New York City, April 3rd and 4th, 2019.  

New York City is home to many companies across multiple industries and is now the second highest performing tech ecosystem in the world behind Silicon Valley.

The Reframe Change Summit will convene executives who are change management thought leaders and advocates to solve a long-standing human capital problem across the tech ecosystem, public, private and impact industry sectors. The invite-only event will take place at Company’s new tech campus at 335 Madison Avenue.

To learn more  about the Reframe Change Summit, go to : or email:  or read the official press release :  Reframe Change Summit Press Release

Future of Work and Marketplace Film Credit:   Executive Producer – Jeffrey L. Bowman, Director – Nathalie Farfan (Half Moon Productions), Producer – Dara Marshall, Videographer – David Beckett, Editor –  Lucia Lezamaespana and Voice – Over Talent – Marysol Castro

Interviews:  Jeff Johnson – JLJ Communications, Susan de Lopez – McGarry Bowen, Marc Charles – Momentum Worldwide, Javier Andrade – Marin – Verizon Wireless, Tim Wong – TDW + CO, Fay Ferguson – Burrell Communications, Mike Ridley – The Community andAdrienne Pulido – Ethnifacts