To Ms. Linda Lane Gonzalez, the members of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) and Brand Partners:

On Friday, March 3, 2017 the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) – the voice of Hispanic Marketing made a false claim about Reframe and our CEO.  The email was addressed to their members, partners and industry peers. The claim stated RTB believed segmentation marketing is outdated.   

Letter distributed to AHAA membership and industry peers:

Contrary to the accusations by the AHAA, we at Reframe firmly believe and practice the discipline of segmentation for our brands. We’ve conducted an extensive amount of research on the matter and have partnered with industry leading brands from Fortune 15 to Fortune 350 to apply our segmentation approach.  Helping them in  their efforts to include multicultural segments within their quantitative segmentation. Segmentation is at the core of what we do, practice, and teach.

The miscommunication and confusion from AHAA further proves and validates our findings within our inaugural  State of the Total Market Industry Report → There is a need to #closethegap between the old and new.  One of the most significant findings from our State of the Total Market Industry study was that most companies operate within a monocultural society. Whereas in the new marketplace, culturally we are debating as to whether or not we are moving away from a multicultural society to a cross-cultural and/or polycultural society. We have to act now to help brands close the gap between the workplace and marketplace.

We at RTB have a great deal of respect for the AHAA. The AHAA is the only national trade organization representing the entire Hispanic marketing, communications and media industry. For 20 years the AHAA has championed the Hispanic Market and over this time the association has grown to include more than 45,000 members that include a community of world class thought leaders and practitioners. But the actions taken by the AHAA on Friday, March 3, 2017 were misguided and unprofessional.  

We’d like to extend an invitation for a meeting with AHAA and industry thought leaders to discuss our findings within the State of the Total Market Industry study. We believe our ambitions are similar, however, we have different paths in reaching them.

Our call to action →  Let’s come together and #closethegap between the marketplace and workplace.  

We invite everyone to join in helping to #closethegap.  Based on our State of the Total Market Industry Report, there is a lot of confusion around this topic.  If you’d like to get involved today in helping to #closethegap:

1. Join the Reframe and our change agents.

2. In the spirit of that collaboration we are reducing the cost of the State of the Total Market Industry Report from $499 to $99 with a coupon code of : AHAA  (offer expires 3/15).

3. Wednesday, March 15, 2017 RTB will host the State of the Total Market Industry Report webinar and share a voice-over report summary.  To stay connected and learn more about the webinar, click and leave your contact information.

4. Saturday, May 6, 2017 we are hosting the first Reframe Please share the link with your members. It is for executives looking to gain clarity and understanding of how to operationalize the innovative marketplace and workplace approach.

We hope you understand our point of view now. We welcome an opportunity to have a formal meeting with AHAA and other industry leaders about how we move this evidenced based approach forward within a $360bn category. We have our work cut out for us and the table is big enough for everyone to sit and help brands #closethegap.

We sincerely hope to meet with AHAA and get clarity around our positions.