This month we kick-off our change learning series in partnership with Soho Works. We chose to partner with Soho Works because it is global brand that thinks everyday about how to help creators, founders, brands large and small build more inclusive experiences at scale. This fits our Reframe brand ethos.

After 44 brand customer engagements, testing, learning and validating a change approach that helps modernize the practice of multicultural marketing and diversity, equity & inclusion, we know first hand “change is hard”! This is why we are launching the Reframe Change Learning Series. Think Davos But For Culture™ Where Human Resource & Marketing Professionals, Creators and Founders Convene To Tackle The Ambition Of Accelerating Workplace and Marketplace Change Globally.

Here’s the good news! We’ve done all of the hard work. We’ve spent the last eight (8) years building and making the first tech enabled change management platform. Our ambition is to bring together a community of change agents and feature conversations, guests, resources and tools to help modernize their organization for the new marketplace and workplace.

The first topic we will tackle at the first change learning series is WHY DEI IS NOT ENOUGH TO SAVE YOUR BRAND. After social and civil unrest in 2020, many companies sought refuge by pronouncing and implementing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives only to find out three years later – it was not enough and not working.

Our first Reframe Change Learning Series in partnership with Soho Works is on May 17, 2023 at Soho Works Brooklyn at 55 Water Street, 3rd Floor from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM with refreshments. This is the first of a three part series in partnership with Soho Works with the Reframe Change Summit and Reframe Change Accelerator to follow.

To learn more and register for the free learning event, go to: Reframe Change Learning Series

We looking forward to May 17 and seeing you at the first Reframe Change Learning Event, in partnership with Soho Works!

The Reframe Team.