A Tool to Help Your Organization Measure Its Level of Cultural Maturity & Change Impact.

Introducing the new Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment Tool Distribution Feature that helps you measure change and impact at scale.  Based on years of research, development and validation with F500 organizations, our new tool can now be distributed  to employees with no logins or downloads required to complete

Below are features and benefits of the new feature:

  • The first, patent pending cultural maturity assessment that seeks to understand your organization’s readiness for building inclusive experiences at scale.
  • No login and downloads required for users to gain access and complete the Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment™.
  • Auto-generated or custom measurement and reporting for understanding your users, team or group knowledge and skills gap.

Client partners asked for this feature and we listened. It is a way for them to provide continuous measurement and reporting for change and impact to senior leaders asking if the Reframe Workplace Change approach is working. To learn more or schedule a demo, please talk to sales.