Last week was a great moment for New York and  Ecosystems across Tech, Retail, Brand, Advertising and Media.  It was the first of many conversations about building a modern Future of Work and Marketplace.

It was a two day summit with subject matter experts and facilitators sharing workplace and marketplace change playbooks.    The result:

  • 63 attendees over two days from 36 different brands and 6 states.
  • 3 Keynote Speakers and 12 Facilitators developed original Future of Work and Marketplace learning content.
  •  570 minutes or 9.5 hours of original Future of Work and Marketplace learning video content.
  • In terms of experience satisfaction, top 2 box…meaning extremely satisfied with the summit experience.

The Reframe Change Summit (RCS) learning track is based on several years of research and actual work with brands helping them with their change ambitions.  For those in attendance over the two days receive a Reframe Workplace and Marketplace 101 certificate.

What’s Next?

At the Reframe Change Summit, the constant theme across each of the presenters was change.  With re-stating the problem:  The Workplace is two to three generations culturally removed from the Marketplace.(c)  Closing the gap is critical to unlock and accelerate growth, productivity and retention for companies.

Reframe is a software and service company that helps teams and business increase employee retention, productivity, engagement and reduce operating costs while building an inclusive workplace.

Beginning April 15th (our anniversary),  Reframe will  accept ‘beta’ user requests for the Reframe Employee Experience platform.

The Reframe Change Summit is the first of  many 2019 initiatives .