Our journey from a service company to a software and services company.

Last month we celebrated our fourth year of helping large companies solve for both workplace (employee retention, engagement and productivity) and marketplace (business acceleration, growth and effectiveness) problems. But throughout this journey, the one question we’ve continued to receive is “what does Reframe do?”  

In short, we are the classically trained change agents who help companies accelerate growth from the inside, out or outside, in through our modern workplace and marketplace approach.  We have proven track record in helping global F1K companies. But this journey hasn’t been simple.

From the minute Reframe opened its doors in April 2015, we worked with large companies across technology (Verizon), financial services (Prudential), travel and leisure (Wyndham, United) and consumer packaged goods (MillerCoors, Kimberly – Clark) industry verticals.  Our focus at the time was to validate an innovative marketplace change approach that reflected the total addressable market (TAM).  

Through December 2016, we competed against the usual suspects in professional services – advertising, marketing and consulting but we could still not clearly articulate our ‘why’ until Reframe conducted research about the Future of Work and Marketplace readiness.

The research findings and report out became our  State of the Total Market Industry Report.  The findings showed that ‘minority’ groups, often erroneously seen as a smaller part of the total addressable market, were to become the demographic majority within the workplace and marketplace.  Simply put, the companies we worked with and others throughout the world were unprepared to address these high growth segments within the workplace and marketplace. It is a ticking time bomb!

The insight from the study show the workplace is two to three generations culturally removed from the marketplace(c).  For traditional workplace and marketplace practitioners, it means if they do not change, their people and business outcome will not be productive, nor effective because the ‘people are changing!’ This  impacts how all companies are Structured, their allocation of Strategic resources, how they understand both their customer and employee Segments, their Systems, and Solution providers.  Our 5’S’s were born.

Based on the findings, insights from the report and our experience with actual customers, we saw a need to offer both software and service solutions to tackle this human gap.  We recognized solving for the gap required a scalable and sustainable solution: the numbers are not changing.

We uncovered our why. It has been a sprint ever since!

The Summer of 2017, we began to pull back on our professional services offering, talking with our customers about Reframe’s value proposition, productizing our workplace and marketplace services and testing marketplace and workplace change curriculum.  We held ‘learning events’ with actual users testing our learning curriculum with brands like Toyota, MillerCoors, Facebook, Kimberly – Clark, Linkedin, Ogilvy, FCB, Charter, Diversity Best Practice (DBP), Publicis and Wyndham to name a few attendees of the summer and fall sessions.

In January 2018, Reframe was accepted into the inaugural WeWork Labs, not as a service company but an early stage software and services company.  We began ‘fast’ learning, becoming a lean start-up and making the journey of producing software that did exactly what we did off-line.  We sought out and secured our co-founder and chief technology officer, made a ‘live’ minimum viable product (MVP) and demonstrated the product with our former service customers.

January 2019,  we got our first software pre-order.  By the end of March 2019, we had four pre-orders for our new software and services from large companies across technology, adtech, food and beverage industries, all interested in becoming the Future of Work and Marketplace Ready

April 2019, we held our first Reframe Change Summit.  Like most software and services companies, we had the ambition of hosting an annual retreat where the founder gets up ‘think Tim Cook at the Apple annual pilgrimage’, shares what’s coming and how customers and users can benefit greatly from the problem the software and service company is solving for.  We invited 12 facilitators to teach our new workplace and marketplace curriculum. The event generated 63 attendees across 2 days and had over 25 different brands in attendance.  You can read our recap of the New York Reframe Change Summit here.

What’s Next @ Reframe?

We now have software and services to offer to large and mid-size companies looking to increase employee retention, productivity and engagement while accelerating accelerate growth by personalizing the workplace. Click to view our updated buyer and user experience– https://www.getreframe.com/

  • Summer 2019, we release our beta version of the software – Reframe Employee Experience Platform.  To request a 7 day trial while we are in pre-beta, click here — https://app.getreframe.com/trial/request .  We built the software for sustainable and scalable workplace and marketplace change that reflects the Future of Work and Marketplace.
  • For Chief Talent Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief Communications Officers and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officers looking to increase employee retention, engagement and productivity while reducing operating costs, the Reframe innovative workplace change approach accelerates and scale your future of work readiness. Click to learn more learn more about our workplace change services
  • For Chief Marketing Officers and marketplace executive leaders responsible for growth, there is a third option for brands who want to move beyond “general market” and “multicultural”. It is an option for companies looking to develop a more holistic approach for growth, new products, services and a go-to-market approach that reflects the total addressable marketplace.  Click to learn more about our marketplace change services.
  • We are expanding our learning experience in the form of Reframe Change Learning Events.  We are coming to San Francisco on Wednesday,  September 4th, 2019 and Dallas, TX on Thursday, October 3rd, 2019 to host our learning events for potential buyers and users!
  • Coming in Q4, we will host our first Reframe Change Accelerator in New York.  Think a “Y-Combinator” -like experience but for executives at large and mid size companies looking to accelerate workplace and marketplace change. Learn how to accelerate change over the course of 12 weeks versus 12 months.  We will convene executives, mentors and provide learning content that will accelerate workplace and marketplace change for their organization.
  • Last, we recently admitted our first batch of Reframe Fellows and will be working with them beginning July through December 2019.

Whatever your speed for change, growth and effectiveness, we’ve got software and services to support your ambitions.

Our ‘why’  is too solve for the once in a generation opportunity and close the $8T  gap between the workplace and marketplace using our software and services globally for companies that want to be Future of Work and Marketplace ready.

Get Reframe! #getreframe