Step 1:  What is Your  Cultural Maturity Score?

Last month we released a major insight from a year-long study, the workplace is two generations culturally removed from the new marketplace©. Following the release of the research and findings in our State of the Total Market Industry Vertical Report, our writers collaborated to develop a five-part series about the phases of culture  We’re sure many wondered about the business case and why the change is required.

This week Jeffrey L. Bowman, our President and CEO, made the business case for this claim in an interview with Conversations With Giants. The conversation is the most comprehensive overview of our mission and purpose to date. You can view it in its entirety below.

Click here to watch Conversations With Giants video.

After viewing, you will likely share the same two questions most executives do…“ what can I do to #closethegap?” and “what is my action plan?” These questions are frequently asked because change can be hard to navigate in the workplace and new marketplace. For some, the workplace contributes to the difficulty. For others, it’s the lack of resources available to better understand and connect with the new marketplace. For most, it’s the disconnect, or cultural gap, between the two.

To better understand your unique cultural gap, you must first understand how to assess your current situation, learn methods to refine your action plan, and gain insights to future proof your business.

To get started, you can complete the #closethegap action plan and/or reach an expert at the Reframe here.  We will contact you and schedule a follow-up meeting to better understand your journey.

What are you waiting for? Let’s #closethegap together.