In partnership with my co-founder and CTO, a decade of researching, co – developing, testing, learning and 10 months of making the Reframe People Operations platform, we release our software pilot today!

The Reframe People Ops platform helps accelerate change and growth by personalizing the workplace.

Our product design is different because the build is counter to most HR technology software. The product has six (6) bundled and integrated features that solve for the entire employee journey. People leaders get a full view of the employee’s experience with addressable data, from on-boarding to exit.

The workplace becomes personalized, performance increases, upskilling content becomes specific to the employee’s needs which increases return on human capital. Today most HR technology applications are single solve, unbundled, only accounts for one stage of the employee journey and hard to measure change and growth impact.

In 2010, the now global president and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, John Seifert asked me “if David Ogilvy were here today, what would the agency look like.” His question set off a decade of passionate problem solving. The question was less about the agency, more about how companies accelerate change and growth for the next generation of talent.

Since 2010 at Ogilvy and Reframe we’ve been researching, product co- development, testing and learning with global brands like IKEA, Gap, BP, Unilever, MetLife, Prudential, Kimberly – Clark, Molson Coors, Estee Lauder, to industry associations like the American Marketing Association (AMA), Association for National Advertisers (ANA) and a host of other Fortune 1,000 brands.

In 2019 we began taking pre-orders for the Reframe People Ops Platform. Why people ops? Google in 2006 developed the first workplace hack known today as people operations. It impacts employee retention, performance and overall employee experience. It was the beginning of companies creating a people operations function and technology later would follow.

Given the work we were already doing through our advisory and consulting services, we knew we had to build a product to scale and sustain the impact we were having and we now have it.

Reframe is open for orders! We invite you to request a free 14 day trial or schedule a demonstration (demo) to learn more about our new product:

Happy New Year!

Safraz and Jeffrey