Marketplace Personalization and The Customer Experience

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Course Description

Data is not a strategy. Making the choice of what to do and not to do is the essence of strategy. To build a personal relationship and experiences with customers, you need to get beyond data and into insights. Selecting the right approach to data and analysis of the data coming at you 50 miles per hour (mph) can be paralyzing. How can organizations get around the pile of data and drive impact to the marketplace through personalization?

Course Outline

The history of customer relationship management (CRM).
What is a modern approach to marketplace personalization.
Knowing how much is too much personalization before it becomes invasive to the user.

Course Takeaways

  • Understand marketplace personalization and what it takes to build the best system.
  • How to transform a historically quantitative approach to a deep and personal marketplace outcome.
  • Who owns customer data and how to manage an ethical data relationship.

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