A Modern Workplace for the New Marketplace

Re-designing the workplace employee experience

Course Description

Not so long ago within the workplace, employee engagement programs meant matching funds for his/her university. Employers measured engagement based on a level of giving. The practice of employee engagement today is a year-round activity and many organizations now employ employee engagement managers. The employee experience can be tracked from the time she/he submits a resume to when the employee submits their resignation letter. With technology now in the workplace, what is the right employee experience design to unlock a culturally inclusive workplace experience?

Course Outline

Definition and show what is an employee journey.
Architect and map your workplace employee experience design.
How to identify and resolve for employees wanting to opt out.

Course Takeways

  • How to design and build an inclusive employee journey.
  • How to resolve drop-offs during the employee experience at each stage of the employee lifecycle.
  • Best practices for designing and building an inclusive employee experience.

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