Episode 2 (35 Minutes)

The Culture Soup: Change Happens from the Inside, Out

By Reframe Staff
December 11, 2019

Culture Soup Podcast host Michelle L. Smith  (founder of no silos communications, llc) invited Jeffrey L. Bowman, Co-founder and CEO of Reframe on her show in September 2019.

Reframe is a people ops platform that helps companies increase employee retention while accelerating growth.

In Michelle’s words “THIS IS META. Listen, this won’t be your surface conversation about D&I. This brother goes deep… and only the businesses who are serious about real change will even begin to understand where he’s coming from and how he is activating for real change. @jeffreylbowman and I see eye-to-eye on several things, and that is that real change starts from the inside out. Find out how his journey as a tech founder is placing squarely on the frontlines of tackling this age-old problem.”

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